Supermom Syndrome

I can’t help noticing these days what I like to call Supermom Syndrome. Moms that are so into their kids and their kids’ lives I wonder how the poor things can breathe. Usually their 3 year old is impeccably dressed in some over-priced outfit, they are impeccably dressed, and are so organized they would put Martha Stewart to shame with color-coded calendars mapped out perfectly with schedules and weekly menus. They are frequently at the school making sure their darlings are being treated fairly, and they make sure their kids are in an array of activities that they carefully supervise. Watching them exhausts me. However, if they are in charge of the next school party I’m loving them. They will definitely have everything under control, and it will be a fabulous celebration done singlehandedly, while the rest of us look on in amazement.

I, personally, do not have it in me to be so super. Organization is not one of my strongpoints. I am not into dressing my elementary school kids into something expensive that will only fit them for six months. The school parties I’ve done are basic, but fun. We are frequently looking for lost soccer items minutes before a game. I rarely look put-together. I dress for comfort. If you see my little boys outside playing in the summer, they may not even match. The family Suburban is usually full of soccer gear and empty Gatorade bottles that I have to remove for the grocery shopping. And speaking of grocery shopping, I never make a list, and usually forget something of great importance. Oh, and last, but not least, I don’t use a calendar! Shocking, I know. Five children, a lot of activities, and no calendar. Before you ask, I have no idea how we do it, but it’s proof positive I’m a day-to-day kind of girl. I’m no Supermom.

I don’t have time to be a Supermom, not if I want to be a real mom. I could spend my time trying to be Supermom, but I doubt I would have much time for my kids. We are a day-to-day family. We never have dinner at the same time, but we almost always have dinner together, and we always accommodate whoever is going to be late. Yes, we’ve had dinner at 9 or 10 before on a school night during high school soccer season. We never go to bed at the same time, and frequently kids are anywhere but their bed. We are the poster family for disorganization. Or you could choose to just call us spontaneous!

Nope, I’m not a Supermom, but I’m pretty sure my kids think I’m a super mom. We will probably never be truly organized. The Suburban will continue to reflect our soccer lives. The menu for the night will be whatever I can come up with. But, our homework will always be done, we will never be late for school or practice, wherever we sleep it will be cozy and warm, and I will always look forward to wherever we are rushing off to, because it will be with them.

One day my house will be organized, the car will be spotless, the beds will get made daily, I will know in advance what’s for dinner, and we won’t be rushing off to anywhere……..and that will be a sad day.



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